Friends of Kaw Heritage

Kaw Councils 2017
The Kaw Nation and the Santa Fe Trail

The Kaw Councils 2017educational program series, now celebrating it's 26th year, will be presented on Sundays at 2 pm at the Kaw Mission State Historic Site in Council Grove.  

The Friends of Kaw Heritage, Inc. (FKH) and the Kansas Historical Society sponsor Kaw Councils 2017.

Free refreshments compliments of FKH. Open to the public.  Regular admission fee of $3 for adults and $1 for children applies.  For information, contact the mission or call 620-767-5410.

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Kansas State Historical Society

An Intersection of Cultures
Includes information about the Kaw Mission, the Kaw Nation, and Council Grove, Kansas.

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2017 Officers 

Kenneth McClintock, President
Richard Stahl, Vice President
Peg Jenkins
Cheryl Kincaid
Della Orton
Malcolm Strom
Jason Booker
Rita Buchanan
Laura White
Mark Brooks, Site Administrator
   and ex officio member 

Sharon Haun, Secretary
Fay Laughridge, Treasurer
Current Events 2017
The State of the Kaw Nation in 2003Saturday, January 24, 2015, 1:30 – 3:00pm.Betty Durkee, Historic Preservation Officer, Kaw Nation in 2003. Video and refreshments in the Education Center

Friends of Kaw Heritage General Membership
Annual Meeting

Sunday, February 9, 5:00 pm

Kaw Councils 2017

Abraham Lincoln in Kansas
Sunday, April 9, 2pm
Portrayed by: John Voehl

TallGrass Express String Band
Sunday, May 7, 2pm
Performing on the Kaw Mission lawn – bring lawn chairs

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Summer Expedition on the Santa Fe Trail
Sunday, June 11, 2pm
Presented by: Deb Goodrich

The Story of the Osage and the Santa Fe Trail
Sunday, July 9, 2pm  
Presented by: Ken Spurgeon

Community Band Concert
Sunday, August 13, 2pm  
Performing on the Kaw Mission lawn – bring lawn chairs


Rendezvous at the Mission
Sunday, September 10, 2pm  
Mountain man encampment on the Kaw Mission Lawn

Last Chance Store
Sunday, October 8, 2pm  
Presented by Bob Blasing, 2016 Kansas Archaeology Training Program

Women Writers on the Santa Fe Trail
Sunday, November 12, 2pm  
Presented by Dr. Leo Oliva

Christmas Open House
Sunday, December 10, 2pm  

Washunga Days Festival
June 16 - 18
Powwow at New Dance Arbor at Allegawaho Park

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Purpose:   The purpose of the Friends of Kaw Heritage, Inc., is to promote and support the preservation and interpretation of the Kaw Mission State Historic Site and the history of the Kaw Indians in the Council Grove area by providing supplemental funding, volunteer services, advocacy, public relations assistance, community involvement and educational services. Founded in 1993, FKH has a membership of over 140.