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Kaw Councils 2016 
The Kaw Nation and the Santa Fe Trail

The Kaw Councils 2016 educational program series, now celebrating it's 25th year, will be presented on Sundays at 2 pm at the Kaw Mission State Historic Site in Council Grove.  

The Friends of Kaw Heritage, Inc. (FKH) and the Kansas Historical Society sponsor Kaw Councils 2016.

Free refreshments compliments of FKH. Open to the public.  Regular admission fee of $3 for adults and $1 for children applies.  For information, contact the mission or call 620-767-5410.

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Kansas State Historical Society

An Intersection of Cultures
Includes information about the Kaw Mission, the Kaw Nation, and Council Grove, Kansas.

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2016 Officers and Board of Directors

David Bayer, President
Judeen Bachura, Vice President
Della Orton, Secretary
Max & Ruth Amos
Sharon Haun
Cheryl Kincaid
Deb Pryor
Don & Peg Jenkins
Richard Stahl
Mark Brooks, Ex-Officio Board Member

Non-Board Officer
Fay Laughridge, Treasurer
Current Events 2016
The State of the Kaw Nation in 2003Saturday, January 24, 2015, 1:30 – 3:00pm.Betty Durkee, Historic Preservation Officer, Kaw Nation in 2003. Video and refreshments in the Education Center


Friends of Kaw Heritage General Membership
Annual Meeting

Sunday, February 21, 2:00 pm
The Kanza, Captain Jack, and the Vice Presidency

Presented by: Mark Brooks, Kaw Mission Site Administrator

Includes the showing of the documentary, "Our Charley, the Early Years of Vice President Charles Curtis."

Kaw Councils 2016

Wild Cows and Bad Horses: Tales from the Flint Hills
Sunday, April 3, 2pm
Presented by: Jim Hoy, Author and English Professor at Emporia State University

In God We Trusted: Kansas Pioneering
Sunday, April 10, 2pm
Presented by: Roy Bird, Author

The Gilcrease Museum
Sunday, April 24, 2pm
Presented by: Jim Pepper Henry, Executive Director of the Gilcrease Museum 

in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Santa Fe Trail: The Sibley Expedition
Sunday, May 1, 2pm  
Presented by: Steve Schmidt, Historian

Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park
Sunday, May 15, 2pm  
Presented by: Tribal Citizens of the Kaw Nation

Tribal citizens of the Kaw Nation will present a program at Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park Dance Arbor. The presentations will include a trail “walk and talk”, the history of the Park area and an exhibition type dance.

There will not be any cost for this program as it not at the Kaw Mission.This will be a great opportunity to visit the park and learn more about the Kaw Nation.  A special thanks to the Kaw Nation.

More Current Events

Washunga Days Festival
June 18-19
Powwow at New Dance Arbor at Allegawaho Park

Voices of the Wind People
September 16 and 17, 8 pm

This beautifully presented story depicts the changes affected by two vastly different cultures. As the Kaw Indians were being relocated and European American settlers were beginning to populate Council Grove on the Santa Fe Trail, the dynamics of these two cultures co-existing proved to be intense. For photos and ticket information visit the website.

Community Band and Ice Cream Social
Sunday, August 14th, 6:00 pm

KAA Fall Fling

October 21-23

KSHS Highway Archeologist Tricia Waggoner will be guiding continuation of the work that was started at the 2016 KATP field school. The site has had no previous archeological investigations. KAA volunteers helped conduct a metal survey of the Mission grounds. Though the work ended after only two days, the results were very promising. It is clear that there are intact cultural features on the grounds and that more work is needed.

Christmas Open House
Thursday, December 1, 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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Purpose:   The purpose of the Friends of Kaw Heritage, Inc., is to promote and support the preservation and interpretation of the Kaw Mission State Historic Site and the history of the Kaw Indians in the Council Grove area by providing supplemental funding, volunteer services, advocacy, public relations assistance, community involvement and educational services. Founded in 1993, FKH has a membership of over 140.